Grails Cookbook - A collection of tutorials and examples

Grails 3 Vue.js AJAX Table Examples

With all the popular JavaScript framework, I believe that Vue.js stands out as a powerful yet easy to learn framework. Other popular JavaScript framework have high learning curve. It takes weeks to understand and write simple stuff. Vue.js is a breath of fresh air because it provides excellent features yet it can be learned within minutes. In fact, I have written the example in this tutorial in less than 1 hour and having no prior Vue.js background. Here is an example on how to write in Grails 3 and Vue.js an AJAX table that displays records of a database table in paginated form.

Grails 3 Vue.js Hello World Examples

The release of Grails 3 coincide with the growing popularity of more modern Javascript frameworks. Gone are the days where we mostly write code in gsp and jQuery. Frameworks like AngularJS, React, Ember and others are gaining popularity. For beginners, I highly recommend Vue.js because it is very easy to learn like Grails. A developer with some experience will be able to grasps how to use it in minutes. But as always, the hard part is in getting started. How can our single page application interact with our Grails 3 back end? Below are some basic examples for beginners. Here are some Grails 3 Vue.js Hello World Examples.

Grails 3 Project Structure Tutorial

If you are new to Grails development, this tutorial will discuss the structure of a Grails 3 application. There has been changes in the underlying technology behind Grails 3 and it would be a good start to understand the different sections, regardless if you have background to previous releases.

Grails 3 IDE Setup

This guide will show how to setup your Windows Environment for Grails 3 development. The goal is to help beginners get started by overcoming challenges of doing the initial setup and installation of required software. This tutorial will also show the optional step of installing an IDE such as Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, and Notepad++.