Grails Cookbook - A collection of tutorials and examples

Step by step tutorial on how to host your Grails application

Many Grails developers wants to host their application on the internet for development or production purposes. If you are inexperienced with Linux and server administration, this tutorial will guide you step by step on making your application accessible over the internet.

How to Apply a Commercial Bootstrap Theme To Your Grails Application

In my previous post, I discussed how working with Bootstrap will greatly help you with user interface concerns.
I also mentioned that you can leverage on professionally made commercial (paid) Bootstrap themes, to create beautiful looking websites almost instantly.
In this post, I will show how to import a theme and apply it to your Grails Project.

How to Create Great Looking Grails User Interface (GUI)

I believe many developers are using Grails for small freelance projects. And since most developers are non-artistic, working with designs is difficult and consumes so much time.
A few years ago, I was mainly using RichUI and Grails-UI plugins. But since these plugins are just widget components, I still need to a design my own page layouts. It still does not solve the problem of creating a nice looking application while having no artist in the team.
Today, I no longer have this problem.