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Grails timeZoneSelect Tag Example

The Grails timeZoneSelect tag (<g:timeZoneSelect>) can be used to generate a dropdown list of timezones. This will show a simple example on how to use this tag.


Here is a simple controller code:

package asia.grails.demo
class TestController {
    def prepareForm() {
        TimeZone timeZoneInstance = TimeZone.getDefault()
    def submitForm(String timeZone) {
        TimeZone timeZoneInstance = TimeZone.getTimeZone(timeZone)
        render "Timezone: ${timeZoneInstance}"

And this is a sample GSP code that shows how to use the tag:
<g:form action="submitForm" >
    <fieldset class="form">
        <g:timeZoneSelect name="timeZone" value="${timeZoneInstance}" />
    <fieldset class="buttons">
        <g:submitButton name="submitForm" value="Submit" />

The timeZone is submitted as String to the controller and not as a timezone object. You need to do additional processing to get the time zone object.

Here is the sample rendered HTML:

<select name="timeZone" id="timeZone" >
    <option value="Etc/GMT+12" >GMT-12:00, GMT-12:00 -12:0.0</option>
    <option value="Etc/GMT+11" >GMT-11:00, GMT-11:00 -11:0.0</option>
    <option value="Pacific/Kiritimati" >LINT, Line Is. Time 14:0.0</option>

And here is the sample screenshot:


For convenience, here is the list of timezones and their displayed description.

Etc/GMT+12GMT-12:00, GMT-12:00 -12:0.0
Etc/GMT+11GMT-11:00, GMT-11:00 -11:0.0
Pacific/MidwaySST, Samoa Standard Time -11:0.0
Pacific/NiueNUT, Niue Time -11:0.0
Pacific/Pago_PagoSST, Samoa Standard Time -11:0.0
Pacific/SamoaSST, Samoa Standard Time -11:0.0
US/SamoaSST, Samoa Standard Time -11:0.0
America/AdakHADT, Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time -10:0.0
America/AtkaHADT, Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time -10:0.0
Etc/GMT+10GMT-10:00, GMT-10:00 -10:0.0
HSTHST, Hawaii Standard Time -10:0.0
Pacific/HonoluluHST, Hawaii Standard Time -10:0.0
Pacific/JohnstonHST, Hawaii Standard Time -10:0.0
Pacific/RarotongaCKT, Cook Is. Time -10:0.0
Pacific/TahitiTAHT, Tahiti Time -10:0.0
SystemV/HST10HST, Hawaii Standard Time -10:0.0
US/AleutianHADT, Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time -10:0.0
US/HawaiiHST, Hawaii Standard Time -10:0.0
Pacific/MarquesasMART, Marquesas Time -9.5:30.0
ASTAKDT, Alaska Daylight Time -9:0.0
America/AnchorageAKDT, Alaska Daylight Time -9:0.0
America/JuneauAKDT, Alaska Daylight Time -9:0.0
America/NomeAKDT, Alaska Daylight Time -9:0.0
America/SitkaAKDT, Alaska Daylight Time -9:0.0
America/YakutatAKDT, Alaska Daylight Time -9:0.0
Etc/GMT+9GMT-09:00, GMT-09:00 -9:0.0
Pacific/GambierGAMT, Gambier Time -9:0.0
SystemV/YST9AKST, Alaska Standard Time -9:0.0
SystemV/YST9YDTAKDT, Alaska Daylight Time -9:0.0
US/AlaskaAKDT, Alaska Daylight Time -9:0.0
America/DawsonPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
America/EnsenadaPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
America/Los_AngelesPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
America/MetlakatlaMeST, Metlakatla Standard Time -8:0.0
America/Santa_IsabelPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
America/TijuanaPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
America/VancouverPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
America/WhitehorsePDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
Canada/PacificPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
Canada/YukonPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
Etc/GMT+8GMT-08:00, GMT-08:00 -8:0.0
Mexico/BajaNortePDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
PSTPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
PST8PDTPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
Pacific/PitcairnPST, Pitcairn Standard Time -8:0.0
SystemV/PST8PST, Pacific Standard Time -8:0.0
SystemV/PST8PDTPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
US/PacificPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
US/Pacific-NewPDT, Pacific Daylight Time -8:0.0
America/BoiseMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
America/Cambridge_BayMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
America/ChihuahuaMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
America/CrestonMST, Mountain Standard Time -7:0.0
America/Dawson_CreekMST, Mountain Standard Time -7:0.0
America/DenverMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
America/EdmontonMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
America/HermosilloMST, Mountain Standard Time -7:0.0
America/InuvikMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
America/MazatlanMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
America/OjinagaMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
America/PhoenixMST, Mountain Standard Time -7:0.0
America/ShiprockMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
America/YellowknifeMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
Canada/MountainMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
Etc/GMT+7GMT-07:00, GMT-07:00 -7:0.0
MSTMST, Mountain Standard Time -7:0.0
MST7MDTMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
Mexico/BajaSurMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
NavajoMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
PNTMST, Mountain Standard Time -7:0.0
SystemV/MST7MST, Mountain Standard Time -7:0.0
SystemV/MST7MDTMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
US/ArizonaMST, Mountain Standard Time -7:0.0
US/MountainMDT, Mountain Daylight Time -7:0.0
America/Bahia_BanderasCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/BelizeCST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
America/CancunCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/ChicagoCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/Costa_RicaCST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
America/El_SalvadorCST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
America/GuatemalaCST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
America/Indiana/KnoxCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/Indiana/Tell_CityCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/Knox_INCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/ManaguaCST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
America/MatamorosCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/MenomineeCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/MeridaCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/Mexico_CityCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/MonterreyCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/North_Dakota/BeulahCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/North_Dakota/CenterCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/North_Dakota/New_SalemCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/Rainy_RiverCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/Rankin_InletCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/ReginaCST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
America/ResoluteCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/Swift_CurrentCST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
America/TegucigalpaCST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
America/WinnipegCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
CSTCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
CST6CDTCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
Canada/CentralCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
Canada/East-SaskatchewanCST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
Canada/SaskatchewanCST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
Chile/EasterIslandEAST, Easter Is. Time -6:0.0
Etc/GMT+6GMT-06:00, GMT-06:00 -6:0.0
Mexico/GeneralCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
Pacific/EasterEAST, Easter Is. Time -6:0.0
Pacific/GalapagosGALT, Galapagos Time -6:0.0
SystemV/CST6CST, Central Standard Time -6:0.0
SystemV/CST6CDTCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
US/CentralCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
US/Indiana-StarkeCDT, Central Daylight Time -6:0.0
America/AtikokanEST, Eastern Standard Time -5:0.0
America/BogotaCOT, Colombia Time -5:0.0
America/CaymanEST, Eastern Standard Time -5:0.0
America/Coral_HarbourEST, Eastern Standard Time -5:0.0
America/DetroitEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Fort_WayneEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Grand_TurkEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/GuayaquilECT, Ecuador Time -5:0.0
America/HavanaCDT, Cuba Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Indiana/IndianapolisEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Indiana/MarengoEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Indiana/PetersburgEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Indiana/VevayEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Indiana/VincennesEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Indiana/WinamacEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/IndianapolisEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/IqaluitEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/JamaicaEST, Eastern Standard Time -5:0.0
America/Kentucky/LouisvilleEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Kentucky/MonticelloEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/LimaPET, Peru Time -5:0.0
America/LouisvilleEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/MontrealEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/NassauEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/New_YorkEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/NipigonEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/PanamaEST, Eastern Standard Time -5:0.0
America/PangnirtungEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Port-au-PrinceEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/Thunder_BayEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/TorontoEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
Canada/EasternEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
CubaCDT, Cuba Daylight Time -5:0.0
ESTEST, Eastern Standard Time -5:0.0
EST5EDTEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
Etc/GMT+5GMT-05:00, GMT-05:00 -5:0.0
IETEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
JamaicaEST, Eastern Standard Time -5:0.0
SystemV/EST5EST, Eastern Standard Time -5:0.0
SystemV/EST5EDTEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
US/East-IndianaEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
US/EasternEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
US/MichiganEDT, Eastern Daylight Time -5:0.0
America/CaracasVET, Venezuela Time -4.5:30.0
America/AnguillaAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/AntiguaAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/ArubaAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/AsuncionPYT, Paraguay Time -4:0.0
America/BarbadosAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/Blanc-SablonAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/Boa_VistaAMT, Amazon Time -4:0.0
America/Campo_GrandeAMT, Amazon Time -4:0.0
America/CuiabaAMT, Amazon Time -4:0.0
America/CuracaoAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/DominicaAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/EirunepeAMT, Amazon Time -4:0.0
America/Glace_BayADT, Atlantic Daylight Time -4:0.0
America/Goose_BayADT, Atlantic Daylight Time -4:0.0
America/GrenadaAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/GuadeloupeAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/GuyanaGYT, Guyana Time -4:0.0
America/HalifaxADT, Atlantic Daylight Time -4:0.0
America/KralendijkAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/La_PazBOT, Bolivia Time -4:0.0
America/Lower_PrincesAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/ManausAMT, Amazon Time -4:0.0
America/MarigotAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/MartiniqueAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/MonctonADT, Atlantic Daylight Time -4:0.0
America/MontserratAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/Port_of_SpainAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/Porto_AcreAMT, Amazon Time -4:0.0
America/Porto_VelhoAMT, Amazon Time -4:0.0
America/Puerto_RicoAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/Rio_BrancoAMT, Amazon Time -4:0.0
America/SantiagoCLT, Chile Time -4:0.0
America/Santo_DomingoAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/St_BarthelemyAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/St_KittsAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/St_LuciaAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/St_ThomasAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/St_VincentAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/ThuleADT, Atlantic Daylight Time -4:0.0
America/TortolaAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
America/VirginAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
Antarctica/PalmerCLT, Chile Time -4:0.0
Atlantic/BermudaADT, Atlantic Daylight Time -4:0.0
Brazil/AcreAMT, Amazon Time -4:0.0
Brazil/WestAMT, Amazon Time -4:0.0
Canada/AtlanticADT, Atlantic Daylight Time -4:0.0
Chile/ContinentalCLT, Chile Time -4:0.0
Etc/GMT+4GMT-04:00, GMT-04:00 -4:0.0
PRTAST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
SystemV/AST4AST, Atlantic Standard Time -4:0.0
SystemV/AST4ADTADT, Atlantic Daylight Time -4:0.0
America/St_JohnsNDT, Newfoundland Daylight Time -3.5:30.0
CNTNDT, Newfoundland Daylight Time -3.5:30.0
Canada/NewfoundlandNDT, Newfoundland Daylight Time -3.5:30.0
AGTART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/AraguainaBRT, Brasilia Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/Buenos_AiresART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/CatamarcaART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/ComodRivadaviaART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/CordobaART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/JujuyART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/La_RiojaART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/MendozaART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/Rio_GallegosART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/SaltaART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/San_JuanART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/San_LuisWART, Western Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/TucumanART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/Argentina/UshuaiaART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/BahiaBRT, Brasilia Time -3:0.0
America/BelemBRT, Brasilia Time -3:0.0
America/Buenos_AiresART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/CatamarcaART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/CayenneGFT, French Guiana Time -3:0.0
America/CordobaART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/FortalezaBRT, Brasilia Time -3:0.0
America/GodthabWGST, Western Greenland Summer Time -3:0.0
America/JujuyART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/MaceioBRT, Brasilia Time -3:0.0
America/MendozaART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/MiquelonPMDT, Pierre & Miquelon Daylight Time -3:0.0
America/MontevideoUYT, Uruguay Time -3:0.0
America/ParamariboSRT, Suriname Time -3:0.0
America/RecifeBRT, Brasilia Time -3:0.0
America/RosarioART, Argentine Time -3:0.0
America/SantaremBRT, Brasilia Time -3:0.0
America/Sao_PauloBRT, Brasilia Time -3:0.0
Antarctica/RotheraROTT, Rothera Time -3:0.0
Atlantic/StanleyFKT, Falkland Is. Time -3:0.0
BETBRT, Brasilia Time -3:0.0
Brazil/EastBRT, Brasilia Time -3:0.0
Etc/GMT+3GMT-03:00, GMT-03:00 -3:0.0
America/NoronhaFNT, Fernando de Noronha Time -2:0.0
Atlantic/South_GeorgiaGST, South Georgia Standard Time -2:0.0
Brazil/DeNoronhaFNT, Fernando de Noronha Time -2:0.0
Etc/GMT+2GMT-02:00, GMT-02:00 -2:0.0
America/ScoresbysundEGST, Eastern Greenland Summer Time -1:0.0
Atlantic/AzoresAZOST, Azores Summer Time -1:0.0
Atlantic/Cape_VerdeCVT, Cape Verde Time -1:0.0
Etc/GMT+1GMT-01:00, GMT-01:00 -1:0.0
Africa/AbidjanGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/AccraGMT, Ghana Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/BamakoGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/BanjulGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/BissauGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/CasablancaWEST, Western European Summer Time 0:0.0
Africa/ConakryGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/DakarGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/El_AaiunWET, Western European Time 0:0.0
Africa/FreetownGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/LomeGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/MonroviaGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/NouakchottGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/OuagadougouGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/Sao_TomeGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Africa/TimbuktuGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
America/DanmarkshavnGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Atlantic/CanaryWEST, Western European Summer Time 0:0.0
Atlantic/FaeroeWEST, Western European Summer Time 0:0.0
Atlantic/FaroeWEST, Western European Summer Time 0:0.0
Atlantic/MadeiraWEST, Western European Summer Time 0:0.0
Atlantic/ReykjavikGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Atlantic/St_HelenaGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
EireIST, Irish Summer Time 0:0.0
Etc/GMTGMT+00:00, GMT+00:00 0:0.0
Etc/GMT+0GMT+00:00, GMT+00:00 0:0.0
Etc/GMT-0GMT+00:00, GMT+00:00 0:0.0
Etc/GMT0GMT+00:00, GMT+00:00 0:0.0
Etc/GreenwichGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
Etc/UCTUTC, Coordinated Universal Time 0:0.0
Etc/UTCUTC, Coordinated Universal Time 0:0.0
Etc/UniversalUTC, Coordinated Universal Time 0:0.0
Etc/ZuluUTC, Coordinated Universal Time 0:0.0
Europe/BelfastBST, British Summer Time 0:0.0
Europe/DublinIST, Irish Summer Time 0:0.0
Europe/GuernseyBST, British Summer Time 0:0.0
Europe/Isle_of_ManBST, British Summer Time 0:0.0
Europe/JerseyBST, British Summer Time 0:0.0
Europe/LisbonWEST, Western European Summer Time 0:0.0
Europe/LondonBST, British Summer Time 0:0.0
GBBST, British Summer Time 0:0.0
GB-EireBST, British Summer Time 0:0.0
GMTGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
GMT0GMT+00:00, GMT+00:00 0:0.0
GreenwichGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
IcelandGMT, Greenwich Mean Time 0:0.0
PortugalWEST, Western European Summer Time 0:0.0
UCTUTC, Coordinated Universal Time 0:0.0
UTCUTC, Coordinated Universal Time 0:0.0
UniversalUTC, Coordinated Universal Time 0:0.0
WETWEST, Western European Summer Time 0:0.0
ZuluUTC, Coordinated Universal Time 0:0.0
Africa/AlgiersCET, Central European Time 1:0.0
Africa/BanguiWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/BrazzavilleWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/CeutaCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Africa/DoualaWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/KinshasaWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/LagosWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/LibrevilleWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/LuandaWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/MalaboWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/NdjamenaWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/NiameyWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/Porto-NovoWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Africa/TripoliCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Africa/TunisCET, Central European Time 1:0.0
Africa/WindhoekWAT, Western African Time 1:0.0
Arctic/LongyearbyenCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Atlantic/Jan_MayenCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
CETCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
ECTCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Etc/GMT-1GMT+01:00, GMT+01:00 1:0.0
Europe/AmsterdamCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/AndorraCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/BelgradeCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/BerlinCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/BratislavaCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/BrusselsCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/BudapestCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/BusingenCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/CopenhagenCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/GibraltarCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/LjubljanaCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/LuxembourgCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/MadridCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/MaltaCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/MonacoCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/OsloCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/ParisCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/PodgoricaCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/PragueCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/RomeCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/San_MarinoCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/SarajevoCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/SkopjeCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/StockholmCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/TiraneCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/VaduzCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/VaticanCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/ViennaCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/WarsawCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/ZagrebCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
Europe/ZurichCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
LibyaCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
METMEST, Middle Europe Summer Time 1:0.0
PolandCEST, Central European Summer Time 1:0.0
ARTEET, Eastern European Time 2:0.0
Africa/BlantyreCAT, Central African Time 2:0.0
Africa/BujumburaCAT, Central African Time 2:0.0
Africa/CairoEET, Eastern European Time 2:0.0
Africa/GaboroneCAT, Central African Time 2:0.0
Africa/HarareCAT, Central African Time 2:0.0
Africa/JohannesburgSAST, South Africa Standard Time 2:0.0
Africa/KigaliCAT, Central African Time 2:0.0
Africa/LubumbashiCAT, Central African Time 2:0.0
Africa/LusakaCAT, Central African Time 2:0.0
Africa/MaputoCAT, Central African Time 2:0.0
Africa/MaseruSAST, South Africa Standard Time 2:0.0
Africa/MbabaneSAST, South Africa Standard Time 2:0.0
Asia/BeirutEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Asia/DamascusEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Asia/GazaEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Asia/HebronEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Asia/IstanbulEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Asia/JerusalemIDT, Israel Daylight Time 2:0.0
Asia/NicosiaEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Asia/Tel_AvivIDT, Israel Daylight Time 2:0.0
CATCAT, Central African Time 2:0.0
EETEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
EgyptEET, Eastern European Time 2:0.0
Etc/GMT-2GMT+02:00, GMT+02:00 2:0.0
Europe/AthensEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/BucharestEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/ChisinauEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/HelsinkiEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/IstanbulEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/KievEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/MariehamnEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/NicosiaEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/RigaEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/SimferopolEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/SofiaEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/TallinnEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/TiraspolEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/UzhgorodEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/VilniusEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Europe/ZaporozhyeEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
IsraelIDT, Israel Daylight Time 2:0.0
TurkeyEEST, Eastern European Summer Time 2:0.0
Africa/Addis_AbabaEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Africa/AsmaraEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Africa/AsmeraEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Africa/Dar_es_SalaamEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Africa/DjiboutiEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Africa/JubaEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Africa/KampalaEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Africa/KhartoumEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Africa/MogadishuEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Africa/NairobiEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Antarctica/SyowaSYOT, Syowa Time 3:0.0
Asia/AdenAST, Arabia Standard Time 3:0.0
Asia/AmmanEET, Eastern European Time 3:0.0
Asia/BaghdadAST, Arabia Standard Time 3:0.0
Asia/BahrainAST, Arabia Standard Time 3:0.0
Asia/KuwaitAST, Arabia Standard Time 3:0.0
Asia/QatarAST, Arabia Standard Time 3:0.0
Asia/RiyadhAST, Arabia Standard Time 3:0.0
EATEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Etc/GMT-3GMT+03:00, GMT+03:00 3:0.0
Europe/KaliningradFET, Further-eastern European Time 3:0.0
Europe/MinskFET, Further-eastern European Time 3:0.0
Indian/AntananarivoEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Indian/ComoroEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Indian/MayotteEAT, Eastern African Time 3:0.0
Asia/Riyadh87GMT+03:07, GMT+03:07 3.1177777778:7.0666666667000015
Asia/Riyadh88GMT+03:07, GMT+03:07 3.1177777778:7.0666666667000015
Asia/Riyadh89GMT+03:07, GMT+03:07 3.1177777778:7.0666666667000015
Mideast/Riyadh87GMT+03:07, GMT+03:07 3.1177777778:7.0666666667000015
Mideast/Riyadh88GMT+03:07, GMT+03:07 3.1177777778:7.0666666667000015
Mideast/Riyadh89GMT+03:07, GMT+03:07 3.1177777778:7.0666666667000015
Asia/TehranIRDT, Iran Daylight Time 3.5:30.0
IranIRDT, Iran Daylight Time 3.5:30.0
Asia/BakuAZST, Azerbaijan Summer Time 4:0.0
Asia/DubaiGST, Gulf Standard Time 4:0.0
Asia/MuscatGST, Gulf Standard Time 4:0.0
Asia/TbilisiGET, Georgia Time 4:0.0
Asia/YerevanAMT, Armenia Time 4:0.0
Etc/GMT-4GMT+04:00, GMT+04:00 4:0.0
Europe/MoscowMSK, Moscow Standard Time 4:0.0
Europe/SamaraSAMT, Samara Time 4:0.0
Europe/VolgogradVOLT, Volgograd Time 4:0.0
Indian/MaheSCT, Seychelles Time 4:0.0
Indian/MauritiusMUT, Mauritius Time 4:0.0
Indian/ReunionRET, Reunion Time 4:0.0
NETAMT, Armenia Time 4:0.0
W-SUMSK, Moscow Standard Time 4:0.0
Asia/KabulAFT, Afghanistan Time 4.5:30.0
Antarctica/MawsonMAWT, Mawson Time 5:0.0
Asia/AqtauAQTT, Aqtau Time 5:0.0
Asia/AqtobeAQTT, Aqtobe Time 5:0.0
Asia/AshgabatTMT, Turkmenistan Time 5:0.0
Asia/AshkhabadTMT, Turkmenistan Time 5:0.0
Asia/DushanbeTJT, Tajikistan Time 5:0.0
Asia/KarachiPKT, Pakistan Time 5:0.0
Asia/OralORAT, Oral Time 5:0.0
Asia/SamarkandUZT, Uzbekistan Time 5:0.0
Asia/TashkentUZT, Uzbekistan Time 5:0.0
Etc/GMT-5GMT+05:00, GMT+05:00 5:0.0
Indian/KerguelenTFT, French Southern & Antarctic Lands Time 5:0.0
Indian/MaldivesMVT, Maldives Time 5:0.0
PLTPKT, Pakistan Time 5:0.0
Asia/CalcuttaIST, India Standard Time 5.5:30.0
Asia/ColomboIST, India Standard Time 5.5:30.0
Asia/KolkataIST, India Standard Time 5.5:30.0
ISTIST, India Standard Time 5.5:30.0
Asia/KathmanduNPT, Nepal Time 5.75:45.0
Asia/KatmanduNPT, Nepal Time 5.75:45.0
Antarctica/VostokVOST, Vostok Time 6:0.0
Asia/AlmatyALMT, Alma-Ata Time 6:0.0
Asia/BishkekKGT, Kirgizstan Time 6:0.0
Asia/DaccaBDT, Bangladesh Time 6:0.0
Asia/DhakaBDT, Bangladesh Time 6:0.0
Asia/QyzylordaQYZT, Qyzylorda Time 6:0.0
Asia/ThimbuBTT, Bhutan Time 6:0.0
Asia/ThimphuBTT, Bhutan Time 6:0.0
Asia/YekaterinburgYEKT, Yekaterinburg Time 6:0.0
BSTBDT, Bangladesh Time 6:0.0
Etc/GMT-6GMT+06:00, GMT+06:00 6:0.0
Indian/ChagosIOT, Indian Ocean Territory Time 6:0.0
Asia/RangoonMMT, Myanmar Time 6.5:30.0
Indian/CocosCCT, Cocos Islands Time 6.5:30.0
Antarctica/DavisDAVT, Davis Time 7:0.0
Asia/BangkokICT, Indochina Time 7:0.0
Asia/Ho_Chi_MinhICT, Indochina Time 7:0.0
Asia/HovdHOVT, Hovd Time 7:0.0
Asia/JakartaWIT, West Indonesia Time 7:0.0
Asia/NovokuznetskNOVT, Novosibirsk Time 7:0.0
Asia/NovosibirskNOVT, Novosibirsk Time 7:0.0
Asia/OmskOMST, Omsk Time 7:0.0
Asia/Phnom_PenhICT, Indochina Time 7:0.0
Asia/PontianakWIT, West Indonesia Time 7:0.0
Asia/SaigonICT, Indochina Time 7:0.0
Asia/VientianeICT, Indochina Time 7:0.0
Etc/GMT-7GMT+07:00, GMT+07:00 7:0.0
Indian/ChristmasCXT, Christmas Island Time 7:0.0
VSTICT, Indochina Time 7:0.0
Antarctica/CaseyWST, Western Standard Time (Australia) 8:0.0
Asia/BruneiBNT, Brunei Time 8:0.0
Asia/ChoibalsanCHOT, Choibalsan Time 8:0.0
Asia/ChongqingCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
Asia/ChungkingCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
Asia/HarbinCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
Asia/Hong_KongHKT, Hong Kong Time 8:0.0
Asia/KashgarCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
Asia/KrasnoyarskKRAT, Krasnoyarsk Time 8:0.0
Asia/Kuala_LumpurMYT, Malaysia Time 8:0.0
Asia/KuchingMYT, Malaysia Time 8:0.0
Asia/MacaoCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
Asia/MacauCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
Asia/MakassarCIT, Central Indonesia Time 8:0.0
Asia/ManilaPHT, Philippines Time 8:0.0
Asia/ShanghaiCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
Asia/SingaporeSGT, Singapore Time 8:0.0
Asia/TaipeiCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
Asia/Ujung_PandangCIT, Central Indonesia Time 8:0.0
Asia/UlaanbaatarULAT, Ulaanbaatar Time 8:0.0
Asia/Ulan_BatorULAT, Ulaanbaatar Time 8:0.0
Asia/UrumqiCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
Australia/PerthWST, Western Standard Time (Australia) 8:0.0
Australia/WestWST, Western Standard Time (Australia) 8:0.0
CTTCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
Etc/GMT-8GMT+08:00, GMT+08:00 8:0.0
HongkongHKT, Hong Kong Time 8:0.0
PRCCST, China Standard Time 8:0.0
SingaporeSGT, Singapore Time 8:0.0
Australia/EuclaCWST, Central Western Standard Time (Australia) 8.75:45.0
Asia/DiliTLT, Timor-Leste Time 9:0.0
Asia/IrkutskIRKT, Irkutsk Time 9:0.0
Asia/JayapuraEIT, East Indonesia Time 9:0.0
Asia/PyongyangKST, Korea Standard Time 9:0.0
Asia/SeoulKST, Korea Standard Time 9:0.0
Asia/TokyoJST, Japan Standard Time 9:0.0
Etc/GMT-9GMT+09:00, GMT+09:00 9:0.0
JSTJST, Japan Standard Time 9:0.0
JapanJST, Japan Standard Time 9:0.0
Pacific/PalauPWT, Palau Time 9:0.0
ROKKST, Korea Standard Time 9:0.0
ACTCST, Central Standard Time (Northern Territory) 9.5:30.0
Australia/AdelaideCST, Central Standard Time (South Australia) 9.5:30.0
Australia/Broken_HillCST, Central Standard Time (South Australia/New South Wales) 9.5:30.0
Australia/DarwinCST, Central Standard Time (Northern Territory) 9.5:30.0
Australia/NorthCST, Central Standard Time (Northern Territory) 9.5:30.0
Australia/SouthCST, Central Standard Time (South Australia) 9.5:30.0
Australia/YancowinnaCST, Central Standard Time (South Australia/New South Wales) 9.5:30.0
AETEST, Eastern Standard Time (New South Wales) 10:0.0
Antarctica/DumontDUrvilleDDUT, Dumont-d'Urville Time 10:0.0
Asia/KhandygaYAKT, Yakutsk Time 10:0.0
Asia/YakutskYAKT, Yakutsk Time 10:0.0
Australia/ACTEST, Eastern Standard Time (New South Wales) 10:0.0
Australia/BrisbaneEST, Eastern Standard Time (Queensland) 10:0.0
Australia/CanberraEST, Eastern Standard Time (New South Wales) 10:0.0
Australia/CurrieEST, Eastern Standard Time (New South Wales) 10:0.0
Australia/HobartEST, Eastern Standard Time (Tasmania) 10:0.0
Australia/LindemanEST, Eastern Standard Time (Queensland) 10:0.0
Australia/MelbourneEST, Eastern Standard Time (Victoria) 10:0.0
Australia/NSWEST, Eastern Standard Time (New South Wales) 10:0.0
Australia/QueenslandEST, Eastern Standard Time (Queensland) 10:0.0
Australia/SydneyEST, Eastern Standard Time (New South Wales) 10:0.0
Australia/TasmaniaEST, Eastern Standard Time (Tasmania) 10:0.0
Australia/VictoriaEST, Eastern Standard Time (Victoria) 10:0.0
Etc/GMT-10GMT+10:00, GMT+10:00 10:0.0
Pacific/ChuukCHUT, Chuuk Time 10:0.0
Pacific/GuamChST, Chamorro Standard Time 10:0.0
Pacific/Port_MoresbyPGT, Papua New Guinea Time 10:0.0
Pacific/SaipanChST, Chamorro Standard Time 10:0.0
Pacific/TrukCHUT, Chuuk Time 10:0.0
Pacific/YapCHUT, Chuuk Time 10:0.0
Australia/LHILHST, Lord Howe Standard Time 10.5:30.0
Australia/Lord_HoweLHST, Lord Howe Standard Time 10.5:30.0
Antarctica/MacquarieMIST, Macquarie Island Time 11:0.0
Asia/SakhalinSAKT, Sakhalin Time 11:0.0
Asia/Ust-NeraVLAT, Vladivostok Time 11:0.0
Asia/VladivostokVLAT, Vladivostok Time 11:0.0
Etc/GMT-11GMT+11:00, GMT+11:00 11:0.0
Pacific/EfateVUT, Vanuatu Time 11:0.0
Pacific/GuadalcanalSBT, Solomon Is. Time 11:0.0
Pacific/KosraeKOST, Kosrae Time 11:0.0
Pacific/NoumeaNCT, New Caledonia Time 11:0.0
Pacific/PohnpeiPONT, Pohnpei Time 11:0.0
Pacific/PonapePONT, Pohnpei Time 11:0.0
SSTSBT, Solomon Is. Time 11:0.0
Pacific/NorfolkNFT, Norfolk Time 11.5:30.0
Antarctica/McMurdoNZST, New Zealand Standard Time 12:0.0
Antarctica/South_PoleNZST, New Zealand Standard Time 12:0.0
Asia/AnadyrANAT, Anadyr Time 12:0.0
Asia/KamchatkaPETT, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski Time 12:0.0
Asia/MagadanMAGT, Magadan Time 12:0.0
Etc/GMT-12GMT+12:00, GMT+12:00 12:0.0
KwajaleinMHT, Marshall Islands Time 12:0.0
NSTNZST, New Zealand Standard Time 12:0.0
NZNZST, New Zealand Standard Time 12:0.0
Pacific/AucklandNZST, New Zealand Standard Time 12:0.0
Pacific/FijiFJT, Fiji Time 12:0.0
Pacific/FunafutiTVT, Tuvalu Time 12:0.0
Pacific/KwajaleinMHT, Marshall Islands Time 12:0.0
Pacific/MajuroMHT, Marshall Islands Time 12:0.0
Pacific/NauruNRT, Nauru Time 12:0.0
Pacific/TarawaGILT, Gilbert Is. Time 12:0.0
Pacific/WakeWAKT, Wake Time 12:0.0
Pacific/WallisWFT, Wallis & Futuna Time 12:0.0
NZ-CHATCHAST, Chatham Standard Time 12.75:45.0
Pacific/ChathamCHAST, Chatham Standard Time 12.75:45.0
Etc/GMT-13GMT+13:00, GMT+13:00 13:0.0
MITWST, West Samoa Time 13:0.0
Pacific/ApiaWST, West Samoa Time 13:0.0
Pacific/EnderburyPHOT, Phoenix Is. Time 13:0.0
Pacific/FakaofoTKT, Tokelau Time 13:0.0
Pacific/TongatapuTOT, Tonga Time 13:0.0
Etc/GMT-14GMT+14:00, GMT+14:00 14:0.0
Pacific/KiritimatiLINT, Line Is. Time 14:0.0

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